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A Simple Solution to Profitable Food Marketplaces.

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Automated Vendor Payment Handling & Collection

Engage and Market to Repeat Customers

Increase Sales During Bad Weather or Slow Days

Offer Customer Delivery & Pick Up (at low-cost rates)

How Our Platform Works

OrderParrot Setup Chatbot

Setup Your Chatbot

We walk you through the entire setup so you'll be off and running in less than a week.

OrderParrot Chatbot Marketing

Follow Our Guided Marketing

We take the guesswork out of how our tools enable you to follow our tried and true strategies.

OrderParrot Chatbot Restaurant Results

Watch Your Business Grow

Easy-to-read data and reports show you the most effective activities of your business

Happy Clients

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Incredibly easy to use. OrderParrot freed up our staff to focus on hospitality and serving great food.

Repeat customers are returning again and again because they feel connected to our brand.

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